Since 2017 we are actively developing a versatile and useful add-ons for the online shops on CS-Cart. In addition to the add-ons You see below, we have a large number of more custom solutions that we have not had time to place on your website. If You can't find what I was looking for email us, we are confident that this kind of modification we've done for our clients.

If you will be the first, we are happy to develop the add-on for you at a nominal cost and place it in our store ready solutions for CS-Cart.

Module Export redirects PRO add-in that allows you to easily export and import a list of redirects through excel file, which makes it very convenient to edit redirects. Using the module, you can specify the type of redirects (301,... more info
Creating any page ends with filling in the metadata, but what number of characters should you aim for? Specifically for this and was created module. We tried to demonstrate the desired ranges of fill meta-fields because it affects the... more info
The filter ranges by price add-on is an add-on that allows you to quickly adjust the price ranges of filters by price, replacing the standard slider, which is not so convenient on mobile devices. With the help of the add-on, you can... more info
The add-on allows you to fine-tune the display types of the list of products on the category page by device types. For example, if a particular view is convenient on your computer, but not very convenient for your mobile phone, you can... more info
The add-on allows creating in automatic mode sub-categories in the filter options. A very good way of SEO optimization for those who meet products by brands and/or models. It is possible to create two levels of subcategories, in... more info
The add-on allows you to track the history of changes to order status, user, initiated, have changed status. The whole history is displayed in a convenient form on a separate tab on the detailed page of the order. The module is very... more info
The add-on modifies the logic of the filter so that filtration is not immediately apparent if you choose , but only after clicking on a special button that appears at the buyer convenience. The new logic allows us to simplify,... more info
The add-on " Editor of products in the categories " that allows you to easily edit the product category directly from the category page. Using t he add-on you can easily change the list of products without leaving the category page.... more info
The add-on will allow for the relevant search by the store. Implemented highly optimized search algorithm that allows you to display results after typing each letter, which in turn helps the buyer to quickly find the desired... more info
What is a UTM label and what are they for? UTM labels are a set of conditional parameters, transmitted in the URL: . The labels help track the sources of... more info
The add-on allows you to set the SEO names   for option combinations. When changing the variant options, will be changed   the page URL in the browser bar that allows you to send links from a specific set of selected options. In the... more info
Allows you to issue invoices to customers and clients with a user-friendly interface. The administrator will always know, paid or not invoiced. When an account is created, the buyer will be seeing it in a special section. Convenient for... more info
The add-on allows you to place the product list on the home page along with the standard filters. Now you can give its customers the maximum comfort in the selection from the first visit to your store. The add-on is ideal if you have... more info
Our services:

Custom development

Didn't found ready-made solutions? - no problem! We will develop any add-on by Your description in the shortest time and at the affordable price!

Google PageSpeed Insights optimizations

We will be happy to help up the loading speed of your store due to internal optimizations CS-Cart and third-party services.

Emergency technical support 24/7/365

We value the time of Your online store and are aware that any simple leads to losses, and provide technical support as quickly as possible.

Professional CS-Cart upgrade

If you are sure that you will be able to upgrade - contact us and we will make a backup on your server and update the store.

CS-Cart development

We offer our clients continuous support for software developed according to a detailed requirements specification, drawn up in strict accordance with the requirements of the customer.

We take full responsibility for the services we offer and stand behind the quality of our service – we value each of our clients and therefore are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Contact us – we will develop your module CS-Cart, with which You quickly achieve financial success and maximize the realization of Your most ambitious plans!