Technical support of online-stores based on CS-Cart

Since 2017 providing professional technical support and revision of existing online stores on CS-Cart. We offer high competence, quick response, ability to resolve unsolvable problems, skills, non-standard integration (1C, payment systems and service delivery, the internal ERP-system), a transparent system of control.

For a small fee, our clients receive the qualified team of developers, testers, managers, and designers without a mandatory subscription fee. Choosing technical support from us, You pay only for the actually spent time for Your tasks. It's a real saving, because the paid package, You can use it without time limits.

You get your own Project Manager, who himself assumes the obligation for solving problems with the developers. The individual Manager is Your personal assistant who is always quick to respond to the tasks. You don't have to worry about deadlines, Your Manager will monitor the performance of the task at the specified time and he will remind You of this. You receive timely progress reports.

In order to have your problem was solved as soon as possible, we use Credit technical support system. This allows you to solve problems without spending time on drawing up contracts and payment period. As soon as we receive from you with a description of the problem and on the account you have enough credits, our experts immediately start working. Upon completion of the work and your confirmation on the problem, loans are written off from your account with a description of the work done.