Different types of the list of products by types of devices

Allows you to specify different types of product list in the category by device type.
  • CS-Cart
  • MultiVendor
  • 4.1.X
  • 4.2.X
  • 4.3.X
  • 4.4.X
  • 4.5.X
  • 4.6.X
  • 4.7.X
  • 4.8.X
Last add-on update date:
  • 20.01.2020, 01:42


The add-on allows you to fine-tune the display types of the list of products on the category page by device types. For example, if a particular view is convenient on your computer, but not very convenient for your mobile phone, you can only turn it off for your mobile phone. Types of devices are divided into computers, tablets, phones. For each device, you can set the default view (will be opened when you first visit the site), a list of available display types (types of lists that the buyer can switch himself).

Instructions for installing and configuring

Для установки модуля используйте стандартную инструкцию:

1) Go to Add-ons - Add-ons manage page and open Ecom.Cloud: Different product views by device settings.

2) Customize your preferred options.

Result: on different devices, there will be only selected ways to display the list of products.

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