Installation of add-ons

To Install the add-ons in the CS-Cart in two ways. The first method is the easiest and fastest, but it must have the correct rights settings record files at the web server. The second method is to load files using FTP or SSH. If You encountered problems while installing modules, contact the experts to eliminate them. Any intervention in - CS-Cart can lead to data loss in the online store.

Method one:

1) In admin panel go to the page with the list of add-ons.

list of modules CS-Cart

2) Click on the "Add" button (+) in the upper right corner - clicking should open the contextual window asking you to select the archive to install the add-on.

Installing modules CS-Cart

3) When you have selected the files, click on the "Download and Install" - you should see the green success notification.

Method two:

1) Download the archive with the add-on, open it with the help of a program to unpack. You will need to see 2-3 file folder of the add-on.

Files in module CS-Cart

2) You should use the FTP/sFTP client to upload the files add-on (on the left on the image) in the root directory of your online store on CS-Cart or Multivendor platform (on the right in the image).

how to manually install modules

3) Once all files are downloaded, open the list of modules in the admin-panel and navigate to the section "All available add-ons", locate the desired module and click "Install" - if the installation is successful, you will see a green notification.